Wednesday, May 4, 2022

New Release: Love & Lavender Ice Cream #MFRWhooks


     Sophia scraped off a tiny flake of lavender ice cream, intending to savor its rich and fragrant flavor. A deep baritone voice, much too familiar, broke into her reverie. “Miss Selkirk, fancy meeting you here.” Sophia’s spoon clattered back into the glass dish. Impossible, she had fled all the way to Bath. Scarcely daring to draw in a breath, she stayed rigid in her seat. Perhaps she could get her sister’s attention. She leaned forward just the tiniest bit and glanced out the window. Blast, her sister and her brother-in-law chased after one of their tow-headed offspring as the other boy trotted along in their wake. Salvation would not come from that quarter. “You know,” the masculine voice drawled, “I can see you. The ice cream is not magical; it did not render you invisible.”

She couldn’t flee. A small group of customers jostled at the door, exclaiming over how much they had enjoyed their custards and Bath buns and arguing over whether to visit the Sydney Gardens or patronize the shops, blocking off her only direct escape route. She could perhaps consider racing through the kitchen and running pell-mell through the alleyway, but she could feel the heat of his body standing directly behind her chair. She had only one option: face him. 


A sudden summer storm drives Miss Sophia Selkirk into a confectioner's shop filled with the delicious scents of ice cream and candies. Just as she settled in with her glass dish of delectable ice cream, a shadow falls over the table: the fiancé she jilted without explanation two weeks before has appeared. Can she trust him enough to reveal the secret that sent her fleeing from the only man she has ever loved?

Simon Warren's entire life was jolted the night before the wedding when Sophia sent a brief note informing him she could not marry him. Now, he has tracked her down to this small confectioner's shop, where over two dishes of ice cream, they will grapple with a secret scandal from the past and discover whether their love can overcome all obstacles.