Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wild Rose Press: Paranormal Month

October is Paranormal Month at The Wild Rose Press, and all paranormal titles are on sale now. Both of my stories, "The Earl's Enchantment" and "A Seaside Enchantment," are 10% off this month. While you're visiting the website, you may also want to sign up for Rose Clippings, the Wild Rose Press Newsletter, which includes all the latest news and events for the publisher.

Happy reading!

Monday, March 9, 2009 New Paperback Line

Given my interest in new directions for the romance novel, I was intrigued by a recent press release by The press release notes that the company is making the transition from being an online publisher to a print publisher as well with a new line of graphic romance paperbacks. As we've seen over the past few years, audiences are certainly intrigued by comic books and their big screen adaptations, and I'm interested to see how much this trend of graphic romance paperbacks will catch on with romance readers.

Friday, February 20, 2009

An Ebook Revolution?

With all the bad news circulating in the publishing industry these days (think HarperCollins and declining book sales), I was happy to see the article "E-book Revolution Favors the Agile" on the Christian Science Monitor website. As a longtime reader, I admit my preference for the traditional book, I am also intrigued by the potential of ebooks. Can the ebook revolution revitalize the publishing industry? I think the interviewees in the article are leaning toward 'yes.' Interestingly, when I raised this idea in a literature class I'm teaching, my students expressed their preference for traditional books. However, I wonder if 10 years from now, when I enter a classroom I'll see rows of students with digital readers rather than textbooks.

Of course, I'm biased in favor of the digital revolution since I'm published with an online publisher, the Wild Rose Press. Given the recent financial turmoil in the publishing world, I'm hopeful that the digital revolution will push readers and writers in a new direction.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Romance Novels & New Covers

Last year, when I was standing in line at Walgreens, I was happy to see Julia Quinn's new novel on the book stand but was surprised at the new design of the cover, which features a different type of artwork for the models. I visited Quinn's website to find out more, and she had posted information about one of the models who graced the cover of The Lost Duke of Wyndham. The face of the model had looked familiar, so it all clicked into place when I found she's an actress on a soap opera. Although I don't watch this particular show, the actress has appeared on the cover of other magazines, and I wonder if this is a new trend in the romance cover industry. Having actresses as the models could stimulate some interest in the genre. I know I wouldn't mind seeing my favorite actors, such as the stars of Supernatural, appearing as models. :)

If you're curious about romance covers, the Times-Reporter has an article out this week on how covers for romance novels are arranged, and you can find out about the process of locating models and arranging the backgrounds.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Shadowlands

Anyone who reads my stories knows how much I am fascinated by ghosts and by the supernatural, which is the name of one of my favorite shows. I was excited to discover The Shadowlands website, which includes hundreds of informative stories and articles for those who share my fascination. The Haunted Places index is especially valuable, since it lists haunted locations around the world. While researching the realm of the supernatural for my latest story, "Charlotte's Ghost," I enjoyed reading about various ghostly sightings around the world. I highly recommend this website to others who are interested in hauntings and ghost hunting.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jane Austen Festival: Louisville, KY

In the latest email from the Jane Austen Society of North America, I received word that Greater Louisville Region will be holding its second annual Jane Austen festival. I've copied and pasted the press release below. The Regency Style Show sounds especially interesting. Since it will be held during the summer, families will be able to use the summer break to take their kids for what sounds like a very fun and educational event.

2nd Annual Jane Austen Festival to take place July 18 & 19, 2009 at Historic Locust Grove, Louisville, KY

The 2nd Annual Jane Austen Festival will take place July 18 & 19 at Historic Locust Grove, a circa 1790 National Historic Landmark in Louisville, KY.

This event is hosted by the Greater Louisville Region of the Jane Austen Society of North America. The festival will include Afternoon Tea; a Regency Emporium with lovely fabric, shawls, patterns, bonnets, jewelry and everything needed to create a Regency outfit; as well as antiquarian books; a Regency Style Show and you can have your shadow cut! Plans for a Grand Ball are being made.

Guest speaker will be Margaret Sullivan, author of THE JANE AUSTEN HANDBOOK and editrix of Austenblog. Her talk is entitled "Five Things a Janeite Heroine (or Hero) Needs to Know."

Historic Locust Grove ( is located six miles from downtown Louisville and sits on 55 parklike acres. There are many stone and log buildings on the property that will temporarily house the shoemaker (live demonstration), the Mantua-Maker & Daughter (seamstresses with Regency dresses for sale) and other delights.

Admission to the festival is $6 which includes a tour of the circa 1790 Georgian House. Afternoon Tea (four courses) is $25 (includes admission). Reservation required for tea.

For more information, contact Bonny Wise, Regional Coordinator at 812-923-7808, visit or email For anyone traveling to the area, advice gladly given about hotels, B&B's, etc.