Friday, February 6, 2009

Romance Novels & New Covers

Last year, when I was standing in line at Walgreens, I was happy to see Julia Quinn's new novel on the book stand but was surprised at the new design of the cover, which features a different type of artwork for the models. I visited Quinn's website to find out more, and she had posted information about one of the models who graced the cover of The Lost Duke of Wyndham. The face of the model had looked familiar, so it all clicked into place when I found she's an actress on a soap opera. Although I don't watch this particular show, the actress has appeared on the cover of other magazines, and I wonder if this is a new trend in the romance cover industry. Having actresses as the models could stimulate some interest in the genre. I know I wouldn't mind seeing my favorite actors, such as the stars of Supernatural, appearing as models. :)

If you're curious about romance covers, the Times-Reporter has an article out this week on how covers for romance novels are arranged, and you can find out about the process of locating models and arranging the backgrounds.

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