Friday, September 21, 2007

Be a Guest Blogger on the Cata Network

Another writing opportunity: The Cata Network is looking for guest bloggers. Between now and October 15, they are especially looking for blogs on locations you've visited and/or places that have inspired a scene in your book or story. The guidelines are as follows:

How do I become a Guest Blogger?
- First, email Ally and let her know you’re interested. We don’t need a firm commitment, in fact you may only want to write one blog piece per year for us. And that’s great. We appreciate any and all guest blog pieces. We just need to know for scheduling purposes what might be coming down the pipeline.
- Second, register here on the site. It’s free and takes all of 30 seconds. You’ll be listed as a contributor and that means you can add your blog pieces yourself by clicking the Write tab in the administrative section of our site. Our site is like most blog software so if you’re familiar with one, you should have no trouble using ours. (If that’s too technical for ya, just email Ally with your guest blog piece and she’ll post it when she has a minute. )

How do I actually blog?
After registering (super easy) it’s a fairly simple and painless process to post a piece here at CataNetwork Readers’ Lounge. The info we need from you is a catchy headline and the actual blog piece you want to post. See, nothing difficult.
We’ve created a neat little page with a screenshot to show you the administrative side where you’ll be posting. It’s supposed to be Top Secret and stuff, be we can trust you, right? *g* Check that out here.

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